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Business & Commercial Real Estate Litigation

The Simmons Law Firm litigates real estate and business disputes throughout New York and California. Whether you want to sue or are being sued, you can trust us to successfully resolve your dispute through expert representation. We will work closely with you throughout the dispute to determine the best course of action to meet your needs. We will help you find solutions that are appropriate and cost-effective through settlement negotiations, arbitration, mediation, bench trials, and jury trials. Our Business and Litigation Services include:

  • Breach of Contract Claims. A breach of contract can arise when one or more of the parties to a contract do not perform as agreed. Actions for breach of contract can be against vendors, clients, employees, former employees, employers, real estate or business partners, or any other entity where a contract exists between a business and another person or entity or between participants in a business. The Simmons Law Firm will vigorously protect and defend our client’s rights in such a dispute.
  • Employment Disputes. Disputes often arise between employers and employees over issues such as overtime, holiday pay, and work responsibilities. We focus on de-escalating such disputes in hopes of avoiding costly litigation.
  • Co-Ownership Disputes. Ownership disputes often involve differences of opinions on everything from the rights and responsibilities of each business owner to finance management of the business to the day-to-day running of the business. Disagreements between owners need not result in the dissolution of the business and can often be resolved through alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation. Despite best efforts, however, sometimes the only way to resolve a dispute is through litigation. The Simmons Law Firm is equipped to negotiate Co-Ownership Disputes and, if all else fails, litigate them.
  • Commercial Lease Disputes. Most business owners lease space from a landlord. During the tenancy disputes may arise between the landlord and tenant on matters other than non-payment such as unauthorized use, breach of guaranty, transfer or assignment of leases, and subtenant disputes. We help our clients resolve disputes as efficiently and cost-effective as possible.
  • Mechanics Lien. When construction contractors and subcontractors do not get paid, they have the option of filing mechanic’s liens on the properties in question. We handle the process of filing and foreclosing on mechanic’s liens.
Client Reviews
Paige was dedicated from the moment I started working with her, before I was even officially her client. She made every step of the process clear and always gave me my options. Working with Paige was great because I felt informed and like I could trust her. Should I ever need an attorney again in the future, it will be her. Sacha Madison
Paige is wonderful. She made the process clear and answered all my questions. She made me feel like all of my concerns were valid and heard. I would highly recommend The Simmons Law Firm. James Manke