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Residential Landlord / Tenant Disputes and Eviction

The Simmons Law Firm advises landlords and management companies on a multitude of topics, including, co-signors/guarantors, subletting/assigning, rent increases, habitability requirements, unauthorized occupants, damages to property, owner’s right of entry, and security deposit disposition requirements. We do not represent residential tenants.

  • Unlawful Detainer/ Evictions. Each and every day a tenant occupies rental property without paying rent, the property owner is losing money. Recovering the property through an eviction action can be a simple process or complex one depending on the tenant’s actions and whether the property is regulated by local ordinances. The Simmons Law Firm can handle the eviction process from the beginning to the end. We can prepare and serve notices such as nonpayment of rent, and breach of lease, lease nonrenewal, rent increases, and termination notices.

    For clients with multiple units, we offer monthly eviction summary reports, discounts on standard attorneys’ fees, and in-house training programs.

  • Residential Tenancy Disputes. During a tenancy, disputes may arise between a landlord and tenant on matters other than non-payment. Disputes can include everything from an unauthorized occupancy to failure to allow entry to a dispute between tenants. The Simmons Law Firm can handle virtually every landlord-tenant matter.
  • Other Residential Tenancy Matters. In addition to traditional issues like evictions, the Simmons Law Firm has experience in representing our landlords with rarer issues such as illegal rental units, code violations, forcible entry/forcible detainer (evicting squatters) and representation at administrative hearings (such as when a property has been cited).
Client Reviews
Paige was dedicated from the moment I started working with her, before I was even officially her client. She made every step of the process clear and always gave me my options. Working with Paige was great because I felt informed and like I could trust her. Should I ever need an attorney again in the future, it will be her. Sacha Madison
Paige is wonderful. She made the process clear and answered all my questions. She made me feel like all of my concerns were valid and heard. I would highly recommend The Simmons Law Firm. James Manke